Our product portfolio covers the full range of reusable surgical instruments for all surgical disciplines, such as general surgery, ENT head/plastic surgery, gynecology, cardiovascular, dental and oral surgery, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, container and sterilization.

Ehsan Surgical Company certified in accordance with international standards and norms. For more details and to see all of our certifications.

There is no minimum order for accepted customer relations. We appreciate all opportunities to serve the needs of our customers. However, you should consider the costs such as those for international shipping, bank fees for money transfers, etc.

We provide warranty according to the law.We are happy to provide you the certificate on request.

Yes, scope of protection of our quality warranty is limited to the product’s use as intended. It does not include wear and tear, incorrect use or external effects. What the warranty covers and does not cover is detailed in our quality warranty certificate.

Satisfied customers are our top priority. If you are not fully satisfied with any of our products for any reason, please contact our customer service immediately. We promise to find a suitable solution for your needs. Usually, we accept return shipmentsor exchanges only, if the product is neither used, nor sterilized and still in its original package.

With its focus on international export, Ehsan Surgicalis always interested in capable partners/distributors for all countries around the world. In case of interest, you may contact us at any time either through registration on our website or by contacting our customer service directly. You could expect our prompt reply.


Ehsan Surgicaluses exclusively high-grade steels (rustproof, stainless) to manufacture its surgical instruments. On request, offers to its clients an overview, of which type of steel is used for each group of instruments. This chart includes among others important information such as DIN-Norm, composition of steel, hardness of material. Furthermore, material certificates for each item are available.

Due to the fact, that the main parts of surgical instruments are still "handcrafted", it can lead to some minor variations in the appearance of instruments. Particularly from one manufacturing lot to another, such small deviations may be present; however, they do not influence in any way the function of the instrument.

Yes, all Ehsan Surgicalinstruments are delivered passivated. Passivation is an additional treatment to the surface of instruments after final finishing. The use of special passivation fluid and ultrasonic bath provides an additional layer of protection on the surface of the instrument to prevent corrosion and rust.

For sure, Ehsan Surgicalis most experienced companies in its industry, We have organized our order process as to mark or label all products only after we have received a customer order. Consequently, we store all our products unmarked and unlabeledin our stock room, which gives us utmost flexibility to fulfil our client’s needs.

As a CE certified company, Ehsan Surgicalis able to declare EC conformity for its reusable surgical instruments.

3.Maintenance, Cleaning and Sterilization

Any sterilization method, mentioned in our instructions for use, is suitable for Ehsan surgical instruments. However, we strongly recommend steam sterilization by fractionated vacuum at a defined working temperature.

It is mandatory to clean instruments properly prior to sterilization. Any surgery could leave residues on the instruments such as blood, bone, skin, or tissue. These residues must be removed from the instruments before sterilization. Otherwise; they could cause damage to the instrument. The instruments can be cleaned manually (brush), by machine or ultrasound. If possible, instruments should be disassembled or at least cleaned in their open stage.

Even brand new and unused instruments need to be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly before sterilization. There might be residues on the instrument from manufacturing, packaging or handling. That is why cleaning before sterilization is highly recommended for brand new instruments. Please refer to the instruction for use.

Before any use, instruments need to be checked and examined for cracks, breaks or any corrosion. Moving parts and working tips need to be checked, too. Instruments with joints need to be lubricated.This will reduce friction and keep the action of the instrument light, delicate and smooth. Furthermore, it extends the lifetime of the instrument.

During reprocessing procedures, lubricants are generally removed from instruments. Therefore, instruments with moving parts could become stiff in their action and need to be lubricated regularly before sterilization.

Ehsan Surgicalinstruments should be stored in a clean, dry and moisture free area. It is best to store the instruments individually in their shipping carton or in a protective tray with partitions. Protect tips and edges by suitable means and make sure that no chemicals are close to or in the storage area. Please get in contact with us for the instruction for use.

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